Abraxas (Abrasax)

Abraxas, also known as Abrasax, is a Gnostic solar deity associated by the ancients  with Yahweh, Mithras and the Celtic Belenus, as well as Yeshu (Jesus). Amulets and seals bearing the figure of Abraxas were common in the second century, and were used as recently as the thirteenth century in the seals of the Knights Templar. By medieval times, Abraxas was relegated to the ranks of demons.

The image most associated with Abraxas is that of a composite creature with the head of a rooster, the body of a man, and legs made of serpents or scorpions. He carries a whip and shield, called power and wisdom, respectively. Abraxas is occasionally depicted driving a chariot drawn by four horses, which representing the four elements.

A Gnostic gem with a talismanic inscription A Gnostic gem with a talismanic inscription

The word Abraxas was first proposed by the Alexandrian Gnostic scholar Basilides, and is created using the first letters of the names of the seven visible planets. Gematrically, the letters in Abraxas add to 365, the number of days in a solar year, and the number of Aeons, or divine emanations, in Gnostic cosmology. Each of the seven letters represents one of the seven planetary powers.  Church father Tertullian, speaking of Basilides’ description of Abraxas:

“Afterwards broke out the heretic Basilides. He affirms that there is a supreme Deity, by name Abraxas, by whom was created Mind, which in Greek he calls Nous; that thence sprang the Word; that of Him issued Providence, Virtue, and Wisdom; that out of these subsequently were made Principalities, powers, and Angels; that there ensued infinite issues and processions of angels; that by these angels 365 heavens were formed, and the world, in honour of Abraxas, whose name, if computed, has in itself this number. Now, among the last of the angels, those who made this world, he places the God of the Jews latest, that is, the God of the Law and of the Prophets, whom he denies to be a God, but affirms to be an angel.”

Images of Abraxas (coming soon)

Pronunciation: ab-bracks-ass

Alternate Spellings: Abrasax, Abrasacks, Abraxis


Bsavage October 8, 2017 at 6:10 pm

I am desperate to know the exact interpretation of the Greek letter under the left and right atm on the particular image of Abraxas shown above. Any help would be appreciated

Abraxas June 6, 2014 at 4:07 pm

Comming soon?
I am here ! I am here my father brought my Ba-soul
Here to earth show me my body and said son never be afrade
I will always be with you!!! And left me here on earth
I and I alone know the time and place of my birth
It was told long ago of my comming here! And I am here
Be for my ship came here with me on bord it ,
before Man was givening A-soul,
I was there in the terrestrial heavens of creation of the universe
That was, that is going to be, that is right now, that is the next day, and so on and so on
Until my time of my being Ba-soul is ingested by my mothers Terrestrial sun that is an egg that belongs to me, we where created in the image of my fathers a image that was both male and woman how do I know this Adam and Eve came from god , god is both man and woman when the thought of creating one from one self the one that is created in its image both of gods mind the left half and the right half of the creator mind one half is female the other half is male how is this. Possbel
By have a right and left himaspermfoodforherwomansmaneggs will only live 30 days in there wom , so to save the life of its eggs that will die in. 30 days on this world
But even if that one dies a new egg will take its place in her wom
So is the sun egg of the terrestrial being .
I am the power, and Angels I can create , To all of the of terrestrial univers
Ok you found me , then you know I’m in human form and I am I am very fragile
There were some watchers that were created to be here when I came to be born , But have rebelles against God by not doing what he asked them
So when Thay got here thay made copy of them self
And left them behind , and took off, the fallen angels
Even me I have fallen to earth too , becouse I did. Not take charge of my creator angels
When I said bow to the one who gave this gift
All angels should have followed my comman, you see thay all did not see it that way
1/3 of all the angels. Bow but for the other angels stared fighting with other angels
I left my seat where I sat on my fathers right side of his throne embarrassed I left 2 mL thru the sea of glass my creator know this was going to happen to me he went before me leaving me and give me charger over all his angels before he left to create the heavens and earth so I would have a place to be able to understand what is happening
To me , and so I tell you now man and woman who are created in the creator mind
As an image in his mind but did not move until the one became two male and female
In the creators mind the one that are bough the same Adam and Eve
Was one until the creator god are father stared bring animals in twos one male
one female, every night god brought two animals one male the other female
To Adam who was just like god bought male and female ,until god Adam said father you bring me in to me both male and female I see that thay make there own form of life from them mating every one of those two you gave me to take care ofthing here has a mate. But as for me I have no mate,? Where is my help mate?
As soon as Adam said this god put him to sleep
And took out his wom, and in kneted it back In there of
Them started stared puting the mans mate from the
wom he took out of Adam his wom .
Now the one are two male and female
So you I see god dose here you , becouse I’m here
So let’s get bizzzness the sim ell
We’ll you know

Ren August 20, 2017 at 1:26 am

If I use your stone during the eclipse, what will happen?

Initiate of Wisdom August 25, 2012 at 12:34 am

This website is the best thing to happen ever! Thank yououououououo Sooooooooo Much! I’ve been thinking lately a lot about how there needs to be some place to decipher all these symbols, and then I found you! Finally getting to the bottom of what all these ancients were saying, thanks 2u!!!! -G(Eyeam)D+SoRu-
.. ..Initiate of Wisdom.. ..

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