International Banner of Peace (Roerich Pact)

The symbol and the idea for the International Banner of Peace were both composed by artist, mystic, and activist Nicholas Roerich. Drawn from various historical symbols, the figure was meant as a cultural equivalent to the Red Cross. The banner, meant to be flown over cultural landmarks, was conceived as a symbol of the “Roerich Pact,” a treaty between nations designed to protect historical, cultural, and artisitc heritage. The circle represents the unity of human culture; the three circles represent art, science, and religion- the three main vehicles of culture. The pact, signed in the presence of Franklin Roosevelt, guarantees the protection of cultural sites even in times of war- museums, scientific institutions, schools, galleries, and the like are to be considered neutral and protected even during conflicts.
Madonna Oriflamma, a painting created in 1932 to promote the Roerich Pact.
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