Rose Cross (Rosy Cross, Rosencreutz)

The Rose Cross originated as a Christian symbol in the first century, as a symbol of the blood of Christ, and a mystery of sacrifice.  The earliest rose crosses were a variation of the Christian ankh or crux ansata, and are associated with the Coptic (Egyptian) church, and related Gnostic sects. The rose and cross was later adopted and popularized as the primary emblem of the Rosicrucians, an apocryphal secret society that originated during the Renaissance.

The rose symbolized the redemptive power of the blood of Christ; the symbol as a whole illustrated the triumph of spirit over matter. A deeper, hidden significance of the symbol is the union of the rose of Mary with the Cross of Christ, the union of the divine feminine with the divine masculine.  The shape of the rose cross suggests the rosary or the mirror-cross of Venus. According to Rosicrucian philosophers, the whole Rosicrucian philosophy could be found within the symbol. The rose cross was adopted as a Hermetic occult symbol during the Middle ages, and was later popularized by the Nineteenth century magical order the Golden Dawn. The esoteric meaning of the cross is quite similar to the original; the cross symbolizes the material plane, and the cycle of death and rebirth. The rose represents the unfolding nature of spiritual growth. When the equal armed cross is employed, it has a secret significance: the word lux, or light, can be found hidden in its arms.

The Victorian-era magical order the Golden Dawn used the rose cross as a special symbol of study, the emblem of the philosophy of the order.  The central rose also functioned as a device for creating sigils, with twenty two petals representing the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.


Lou December 22, 2011 at 7:35 am

The rose cross is a symbol of the procreating woman when she is in white, thus mother Mary and the bitch, when she is in red, thus Mary Magdalene.
The Rose symbolizes the end of the falopian tube which embraces the ovary of the womans Uterus. It is also symbolized by the crown of thorns. Thorns are at the stem of the rose. The egg that you find inside the rose is ovary and the cross is the crucifiction of christ, the sperm that dies in the ovary, then resurects after 3 days as an egg. On the 9th day the cells will split in the known formation of the cross, the quadrifoil, a symbol you see in the windows and wall of every church. The sperm is Jesu, the one that will reach the end among the thousand that constitute the people of Israel, gods people. He will be crucified on galgatha, the head of cycles what is the correct translation from hebrew. The Insemination takes place at eastern, when a hare with a bagfull of (2) eggs runs around, 49 days later, the placenta grows, a day later is pentecoast. 9 month from eastern, at christmas the child gets born, It took 33 weeks to build the body in the womb, thus Jesus lived 33 years before death, and got reborn as the kingdom of god, the child of the Elohim, Man and Woman, who made it to their image. The cross you show is related to the zodiac and the 4 base elements. The 4 symbols are the chrubim, the cardinal points of the zodiac, taurus as earth, aquarius as air, scorpio as water and Leo as fire, they symbolize the turn of seasons in our year, the solstices and equinoxes in the path of the sun trough the zodiac in one year. Take care, Samael Ben Sabbathai, e.g. Lou, Rabbi of Kabbalah.

Mark Allen January 18, 2011 at 8:18 am

nice fibocross! beautiful.

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