Rosicrucian Rose (Rose Cross)

The Rosicrucian rose is another form of the Rose or Rosy Cross, a Christian symbol originating in the first century. It was adopted as a Hermetic occult symbol during the English Renaissance and was re-popularized by the Nineteenth century magical order the Golden Dawn.

The equal-armed cross symbolizes resurrection and rebirth, the earth axis, and the world of matter; the rose, the unfolding nature of spiritual growth, the blood of Christ, awakening. The two emblems combined show thew triumph of the spiritual over the material. The history of the Rose Cross is an unusual one. It has been linked with the equilateral red cross of the Knights Templar. The appearance of the rose cross in “Christian” art and poetry is often taken as a secret communication of heresy- the worship of the Goddess Venus, or even secret tantric sex practices, particularly in connection with the medieval troubadours.

For example, a Catholic rosary spread flat reveals a symbol of the planet Venus- a circle surmounting a cross. If one draws a line connecting the five beads of the “mysteries” (that is, the five large beads in the circle), a pentagram is formed- the “Rose of Venus.” The pentagram is a symbol of the Planet Venus, as it is the shape it forms on its travels through the heavens. The name “rosary” means “garland of roses,” and early Rose Cross imagery mimicked the shape of the rosary.

Rose Cross spacer Rose Cross
Robert Fludd’s Summum Bonum; inscription reads, “The Rose feeds the Bees” Rosicrucian seal of Martin Luther
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