Process Sign (Unity Cross)

The Process Sign is the emblem of the Process Church of the Final Judgement, a short-lived sect inspired by Scientology. The symbol, created for the now defunct Church, is meant to mimic the Hindu swastika and its cosmic whirlings. The shape suggests a letter “P” viewed from four directions, and represents the four “persons” of the Process God- Jehovah, Jesus, Satan, and Lucifer, as well as the four ‘archetypes’ believed to drive human behavior. These ‘persons’ are divided into two sets of polar opposites represented by the four armed cross.


*Process doctrine posited that humans and human nature were separate from an infinite, supreme God. When the universe was created, God became separated into the four personalities previously mentioned. The Church used a combination of Scientology techniques and ritual to reconcile archetypes within believers, with the ultimate intent of erasing the separate existences of the four persons. Another version of the “Unity Cross” was a variation on Ophite Gnostic imagery of a crucified serpent:

The symbol of the serpent of the cross in the Process is an emblem of opposites reconciled (Christ and Satan) through love.

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