Scientology Cross

The Cross of Scientology is the primary emblem of the Church of Scientology. Designed by founder L. Ron Hubbard, its appearance gives away its origins, with its obvious resemblance to the Golden Dawn’s Rose Cross. Hubbard was, as a one time occultist, undoubtedly familiar with Golden Dawn symbolism. Hubbard most likely encountered the emblem under the tutelage of Jack parsons, a devotee of Aleister Crowley, with whom Hubbard conducted magical operations.

In any case, neither the Golden Dawn nor the Scientology symbol can be considered “satanic” as is sometimes reported.

The Scientology cross has four arms and four rays emanating at their intersection; these represent, according to the official explanation the “eight dynamics” or “parts of life” in Scientology’s basic theology:

1) The Self

2) Creativity, sex, and procreation (family)

3) Group, society, community

4) Species survival (humankind)

5) Life forms in general

6) Matter

7) Spirit

8) Infinity or Supreme being


The horizontal beam of the symbol represents material existence, the vertical represents the spirit, a concept directly borrowed from Rosicrucian symbolism.

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