The gourd is an ancient Taoist symbol of longevity and good health, but also a symbol of release. It is the emblem of Li Tie Guai, one of eight immortals of Taoist mythology. Li Tie Guai was a powerful magician who possessed not only the secret to immortality, but the ability to travel outside his body. Li carried the elixr of immortality in a gourd, which is an allegory for the body as the container of the soul. The gourd is known as the “precious gourd” in Feng Shui, and considered a receptacle of good fortune.

Curiously, the gourd also symbolizes resurrection and life in Christian theology. The gourd shelters the unfortunate Jonah, and is viewed as an allegorical symbol of the resurrection of Christ.

Li-tie and his gourd

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Keywords: immortality, luck, health, necromancy

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