I Ching Coin (Amulet Coin, Feng Shui Coin)

A typical example of an antique (or, more commonly, a reproduction) Chinese ‘I Ching coin‘ popularly used as an amulet, in Feng Shui cures, and for using in I Ching divination.

The circular shape and square hole of the antique chines coins are said to represent heaven and earth, respectively. The coins are used in a variety of ways in the practice of feng shui to promote wealth and prosperity, and are often bound together to create intricate amulets.

 I Ching Coins

Amulet made from I Ching coins

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Waqar Aamir Katiar December 17, 2017 at 12:43 pm

I want to ask a question about fengshui

What is the meaning of a shape “Square in circle” and a shape “Circle in Square”

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