Omamori (O-mamori, Lucky Charm)

Omamori (Japanese, ‘blessed protector’) are the ubiquitous amulets one receives in exchange for a donation to one of Japan’s Shinto or Buddhist temples. Omamori are usually small, folded paper or fabric packets* ritually consecrated in the temple. They are typically made with the name of the originating temple on the front and a charm on the back for prosperity, health, travel, or a multitude of other purposes. Amulets do not expire, but it is common practice to replace them, usually once a year. Old omamori are usually returned to the temple to be burned. * Some omamori can be quite complex, or made of fancier materials such as wood, bone, or metals.
Typical Omamori

Typical Omamori

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Kathleen October 23, 2010 at 8:09 pm

I’ve finished mine just now and im wondering to wear it around my neck but i still doesn’t have the Silk Cord..Im just wondering how can I Strap into ribbon to put it on my neck?

pls REPLY ASAP! =3

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