Tibetan Ritual Bell (Ghanta, Dril bu, Singing bell)

Ghanta in Tibetan means ‘bell.’ The Ghanta is a Tibetan Buddhist ritual tool; it is always paired in Tantric rituals with the Dorje. The Ghanta represents feminine power, wisdom, receptiveness, and the voice of the Buddha. The base of the ghanta is always round, and the handle is always topped with a closed vajra (dorje). In the handle is a depiction of Prajnaparamita (“Perfect wisdom”), a symbolic representation of the collective wisdom of the Buddhas. A ritual gesture is performed crossing the ghanta and dorje over the chest, representing completeness in the union of the male and female principles.

Pronunciation: Ghan-tah

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Hanna July 27, 2012 at 4:19 am

I could not help falling in love with the dorje, and ended up getting a tattoo of it on my left wrist, small and in white, the design very similar to eh image in this site. Now I can not help but think I need a ghanta on my other wrist, to truly balance myself.

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