Hebrew Alphabet- Correspondence Chart

Correspondences – Hebrew alphabet

letter Name Meaning Sound Type Value Elemental/Astrological correspondences Kabbalistic Intelligence
Aleph an ox A Mother 1 Air/spirit Scintillating
Beth a house B,V double 2 Mercury Transparent
Gimel camel G,Gh double 3 The Moon Uniting
Daleth a door D,Dh double 4 Venus Illuminating
Heh a window H single 5 Aries Constituting
Vau a nail O,U,V single 6 Taurus Triumphant
Zayin a sword Z single 7 Gemini Disposing
Cheth fence Ch single 8 Cancer House of influence
Teth a serpent T single 9 Leo Secret
Yod a fist I,Y single 10 Virgo Will
Kaph an open hand K,Kh double 20 Jupiter Rewarding
Lamed a whip L single 30 Libra Faithful
Mem water M mother 40 Primal Water Stable
Nun a fish N single 50 Scorpio Imaginitive
Samekh a prop S single 60 Sagittarius Temptation
Ayin eye As,Ngh single 70 Capricorn Renewing
Peh a mouth P,Ph double 80 Mars Exciting
Tzaddi a fish hook Tz single 90 Aquarius Natural
Qoph an ear Q single 100 Pisces Corporeal
Resh back of a head R double 200 Sun Collective
Shin fire S,Sh mother 300 Primal Fire Perpetual
Tav cross T,Th double 400 Saturn Administrative

What are Mothers, Doubles, and single letters?

The ancient Hebrew alphabet contained three sets of letters: Mother letters, from which all of the remaining letters were descended. The mother letters are associated with the elements whose sounds they resemble: aleph/air, mem/water, shin/fire. The seven double letters are those which have two pronunciations (and thus, a dual nature); these correspond to the seven planets and the seven alchemical metals. The twelve remaining letters are derived from the seven doubles, have singular pronunciations, and correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac. The three sets of letters are the basis for the three horizontal, seven vertical, and twelve diagonal paths of the kabbalistic tree of life.

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EnGedi July 19, 2016 at 4:22 am

The traditional attribution of the zodiac signs to the twelve single letters are not correct. It was reversed to veil it. Thus the letter Heh is associated with Libra, not Aries, and so forth. Compare shape and meaning of ancient hebrew letters to see.

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