Messianic Seal (Messianic Christianity)

The “Messianic Seal,” has been adopted as an emblem of the Messianic Christian movement.* It consists of a fish emblem, or vesica pisces, surmounted by a Magen David, and topped with a Menorah. The original was patterned after emblems found on a number of artifacts believed to have been used by first century Jewish followers of Christ.

First century inscription in stone.

First century; anointing jar

*”Messianic” religious groups are Christian groups who adopt certain Jewish practices in an attempt to practice an earlier, purer, form of Christianity, and often focus (usually unsuccessfully) on converting Jews to Christianity, a practice considered highly offensive by many followers of Judaism.

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Terekbe November 14, 2015 at 5:22 pm

Thank you very much for your explaintions becuase I have seen this symbol here lalibela churches and I was surprise so I will send to you the photo
Kind regards

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