The Cross is likely the oldest religious symbol of all time, from the prehistoric solar cross (an equal armed cross), to the Cross adapted from Pagan cults for Christian use after the council of Nicaea. Cross symbols are among the oldest on earth, and are found in every culture. Crosses are almost invariably symbols of the sun, the sky, and the passage of time, and are linked with most solar deities.

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Traditional and denominational crosses:

Latin Cross Crucifix
Latin Cross Reversed Orthodox Crucifix Methodist
Cross of Lorraine
Lorraine St. Andrew Tau Cross Papal Cross Greek Cross
Cross of Lorraine  Lutheran  
Cross Lorraine Jerusalem Papal Cross Lutheran Tau cross
Jerusalem Cross fitchy



Historical & ethnic crosses:

Ankh Ankh  Latin Cross Celtic Cross  Brigid's cross
Coptic Ankh Coptic Celtic Cross Brighid’s
Chi-ro      Ethiopian Cross  Wolf's Cross
Chi Ro Alexamenos Camargue Ethiopian Wolf’s Cross
 slunate    Anchor Fish    
Lunate cross Bacchus Anchor fish Serpent Arthur
Rose Cross Phos zoe


Solar crosses & wheels:

 Swastika Troll cross Lauburu  Chaos
Swastika Solar cross Troll Cross Lauburu Chaos
Baptismal Manji Zia sun  Greek Cross  Thunder


Non-Christian crosses & Related symbols:

 Scientology cross  Golden Dawn Cross  Rose Cross Lamen  Irminsul
Unity Cross Scientology Golden Dawn  GD Lamen Irminsul
Gungnir    Alchemical Sulfur    
Gungnir Tyet Sulfur Atlantis Tree of Life
“Grail Cross” Saturn


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Harvey Malmberg November 13, 2016 at 3:33 pm

I am looking for the individual symbols of the four Christian Apostles: Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. Would you have access to those. Thank you, Harvey Malmberg

Corey Burt July 31, 2010 at 9:32 pm

looking for the meaning of a cros I saw which has an anchor around it and two scythes on either side. It was around a painting of Marguerte Bourgeoys

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