Solomon’s Knot (Comacine Knot)

The image at right is the most common of several decorative devices referred to as “Solomon’s Knot,” a simple design of interlaced, endless loops.

This particular design is very ancient, and appears all over the architecture of the ancient world, and further back, in stone-age carvings.

The design is frequently used in the designs of ancient synagogues, which probably gave rise to the symbol’s association with King Solomon.

Interlaced designs of this type took much skill to execute; reportedly, this symbol was a particular hallmark of the medieval Italian stonemasons known as the Comacines,* who imbued it with mystical meaning, a symbol of eternal motion and the intertwining of space and time.

Solomon’s knot is related to the swastika and the shield knot; the knot is often interchangeable for these solar emblems.

* According to Masonic lore, the Comacines were the forerunners of the Freemasons.

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