Alchemical Fire (Elemental Fire, “Blade”)

The upward pointing triangle is the alchemical symbol for fire. One of the four classical elements, fire has the properties of heat and dryness, and symbolizes the “fiery” emotions- love, hate, passion, compassion, empathy, anger, etc., as well as spiritual aspiration- those actions of intent which bring us closer to the divine. Fire is represented in numerous cultures as the triangle, symbolizing rising force.

The symbolism of the upward-pointing triangle symbolizes rising energy. The element is sometimes represented by a sword or knife; when paired with the chalice of water, it is referred to as the blade.

In Paracelsian alchemical tradition, the elemental spirits of fire are salamanders.

The fire symbol is derived from the medieval magical Seal of Solomon.

Zodiac signs ruled by the element of fire are: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Fire triangle, Tibetan painting
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