Joachim and Boaz (Mercy and Severity)

Jachim and Boaz are the pair of symbolic pillars (with Boaz on the left) described in the biblical account of the Temple of Solomon and featured prominently in Masonic temples.

In the Jewish mystical kabbalah, Joachim (sometimes jachin or jachim) and Boaz are the left and rightmost pillars of the tree of life- mercy and severity, or strength. Jachim represents the male polarity of the universe, light, motion, activity, the electron. Boaz represents the female polarity of the universe, darkness, passivity, receptivity, and silence. The pillars are similar in concept to the Eastern Yin Yang, representing opposites in balance.

Like much Masonic symbolism, the pillars are described in the old testament story of King Solomon, as the most significant feature of a grand temple. The story has traditionally been viewed as symbolic, and to Freemasons represents the spiritual development of man.  One Masonic legend avers that the philosopher Pythagoras discovered the pillars, and together with Hermes Trismegistus, used them to discover all of the secrets of Geometry.

Jachim and Boaz
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Antonio April 4, 2016 at 10:30 pm

Do you like information? I will give you a real information about Jakin and Boaz.
Mathematical information:
Circumference pillars: 12 cubit Jakin – J or 10 (י) and Boaz – B or 2 (ב) 10 +2 =12
High 18 cubit + 5 cubit = 23 cubit
Radius pillars = 12 : 3,141592654 = 3,819718634 : 2 = 1,909859317
Area circle of pillar = (1,909859317 * 1,909859317) * 3,141592654 = 11,4591559
Circumference hexagon (Davids star) inside circle = 11,4591559
Volume of Solomons temple = 20 * 30 * 60 = 36000
Calculation: 36000 : 11,4591559 = 3141,592654 ( Pi = 3,141592654)
Do you believe it’s a coincidence or not?
If you play around with the number 11,4591559 (David’s star) and dimension of the Pyramids (Great Pyramid, Kefren and Menkaure), you will be surprised.
Go ahead!

will wyrd December 29, 2009 at 9:05 pm

baphomet abolished machim promoted peace by providence

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