Hygeia (Bowl of Hygeia)

The bowl of Hygeia is a modern emblem for pharmacy, used interchangeably with the Rx symbol.

The goddess Hygeia was the daughter of Asklepios, the god of healing and medicine. (see: wand of Asclepius) Hygeia was often pictured holding a cup, (a kylix, or wine cup), with a snake coiled about her body or arm.

The serpent is a symbol of resurrection; the cup, medicine.

Hygeia’s cup may have been an early inspiration for grail stories.

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February 9, 2010 at 12:34 pm


SerpentSun July 28, 2016 at 11:09 pm

Amen brother.

JahavahrieL December 7, 2011 at 9:18 pm

There it is. I already told a friend from Supreme court its name. Carducu hygea meaning; the healing power of the serpent, in the practices of pharmacy. Beware of its hold on you. keep your child far from its grasp.For It bites and is poisonous. Here you will see a chemical attack. mainly on Native American half breeds and then to the fullbloods. It was a chemical attack. Mainly on Cherokees. For we are the fastest learners and can be at a chair with arrows keys and are the revealers of all mysteries. It will hold you to the place you are. It does not cure nor even masks your illusive illness. It will destroy what it claims to cure. then it replicates whatever it destroys so that without it you may die a very bitter death. But thanks Be to our Creator Yahweh he gave us his heart and from his bosom part spoke all his perfect Love into flesh and called this being in the flesh by a name. Yashua Mashach- Jesus christ. The power of the blood in Christ messiah is found unwritten on paper with ink and out of think. The blood of Christ Messiah is the only way to escape this evil chemical attack for mass control. For when people multiply the leaders or those not named and unknown want control. When religion failed to control the masses they caught the first act and rose to the political physical occasion to attack your soul. Here is proof. Neurontin. Neurons and tin. It calms the outer layers of your brain while destroying those ozone layers. Then without it your a world on fire. I am not witholding a thing as truer as I type. It will destroy all thats natural only to replicate it in place of the natural. we are victims of a chemical warfare upon us; our children. Babies too. Do not take what is unnaturaal and try mixing it with your ozones and your dna. It ws a mans touch with pure evil satanic arts of every kind mixed into the chalice of chemical swine. The newphilims and fallen 12 sons were the first to act out using iot about in the makeups and substances they taught to women. It destroys what it promises to heal. then takes the place. so that without your last archilles heel will so feel its bitterness. Everyone stop. Stop going to the medicine man. Just follow your hearts and let Love lead the way. Love is Love and the cure from above. As a nation we all pray together. To make ourselves conquerers of the great evil and black arts of the medicine man. Metta sin is not a win. Stepping far into its grasp. It will hold you down atlast. And the story goes. I called on Michael to fight for me against the prince of Persia you see. It took the space of 3 degrees. And a twist . But this serpent has a sigil and a seal to its hissing kiss. Its worse than a hero burning bright. Going down like a star and its light that took a billion years to reach your site. Cast your bread upon the waters instead. They will help heal. But put a seal to the real. And the worth of you on the birth of you. It gambles in truths your afraid to face. You can change and reverse its affects. Mylans hidden book in Egypt tells how it reflects. Be at your heart while at the waters edge. In the art of your truth cast to Rivers your truths and tears. They have the answers throwing back you your years. the Chalice of Christ Messiah is the only cure. perfect Love is unfailing. Its worth dying for. dying to the flesh and all deeds in real. And translating into complete spirit will escape you its ferverent seal and Since thru Aba Ebas heart is the way to go. Theres no denying his heart you know. One cannot connect with the true first Creator without Jesus Messiah. Its like banging heads and intellect to your Creators mind will find you a black world of threads intertwined about you. let it go. Grasp the presence Shekinah. And take the grail of Christ into heart. At the end you will find that you go thru his art. In messiah we approach our father. He will defeat it like poison. The power in the blood of one Jesus Christ who led us thru the remaining 1/40th of sleep lacking in torah. He has given usa Much more. At your red door. A way to escape. Do not take its cure for your salvations sake. Do not eat of the tree. That promises to set you free. Found in the book beneath the serpent and crook namely chalice for all that it took. Trust in Jesus. And he frees us. not in computers and pills like hills of idols mass control. jesus will defeat all the evil created in all. He will renew our days. and all our ways. Love one another! Be honest. Hate viloence. Use the sword. His word is here and hes the Lord. Praise be to Jesus Christ Messiahh!~jahavahrieL

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