Coptic Cross (Crux Dissimulata, Lalibela Cross)

There are two types of Christian crosses referred to as Coptic. The original Coptic Cross is derived from the Egyptian Ankh and used by the early Christians in Egypt.

Later forms, sometimes called “Ethiopian crosses,” are distinctive intricate interwoven and crossed designs worn primarily by African Christians. These are sometimes called “Lalibela” crosses, after Holy City of Ethipia where many examples can be found. The version below is one of many styles:

An Ethiopian Cross

Related symbols:

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Donald Mikkelson November 17, 2018 at 6:42 pm

Are these signs for Gnostic Christians, or for the Roman Catholic Church and its derivatives like the Mainline protestant churches such as Episcopalians, Lutheran, Methodist, et. and Evangelicals, and “Born-agains.” If These are not Gnostic symbols, what are Gnostic symbols?

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