Ichthys Wheel (Wheel Cross)

An important early Christian symbol, the “ichthus wheel” combines the symbolism of the fish with that of the Christ monogram (“Chi-Rho”), or labarum. One may also find an anchor in the design.

This was accomplished by overlaying the Greek letters ??????/IXOYE (iota chi theta upsilon sigma)
in such a way that the resulting symbol resembles a spoked wheel.

The image of the wheel was already a fairly common emblem of Jupiter and thus could be used without drawing undue attention to the outlawed faith.

altar of Lasargues
An altar to Jupiter


Ephesus Christian graffiti from Ephesus


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Fr. Christopher March 11, 2017 at 3:47 pm

The Christian wheel must have eight spokes (e.g., in the Christian graffiti picture) in order to construct all of the letters. The graphic at the top of this page is of a six-spoke wheel and so Theta cannot be overlaid properly.

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