Eight-pointed Star (Rub el Hizb, Seal of Melchizedek)

The particular eight-pointed star (or octogram) pictured here is unusual in that it has multiple meanings, depending on context. The original emblem of two overlapping squares, often with a circular ornament, is called a rub el hisb (Arabic, quarter-group), an ornament used to mark the end of passages in the Q’uran. This symbol, like all symbols related to Islam, is not official nor heavily symbolic.

An identical glyph serves as the emblem of the Melchizedek priesthood of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, who view it as a continuation of the priesthood of biblical patriarchs. The emblem is patterned after a similar glyph found in a medieval depiction of Melchizedek, but is of relatively recent usage in Mormonism. The star in this context would most likely have been a symbol of renewal and rebirth through baptism.

A mosaic illustration of Melchizedek with eight-pointed star

A Mormon commemorative badge

Decorated Roub al Hizb from the arms of Turkmenistan

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Magen DavidBaha'i star


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Frank Jimenez June 5, 2018 at 6:45 pm

Hi. In Sufism, this star and the same star but with four of it’s points pointed inwards represent the Sufi spiritual states of qasb (contraction) and expansion (the Arabic term escapes me). Expansion has all points directed outward, and contraction only every other point is inward. This symbol is used extensively in Islamic art, motifs and architecture. Sufi guild builders incorporated it into the art. Other Muslims just mimick the design without knowing.

S December 20, 2017 at 10:54 am

The (8) eight pointed star or “double-cross” is the Biblical Mark of Cain, as appears in the architecture of the U.S. Supreme Court building; on the British Flag; in the walkway of the Vatican’s Saint Peter’s Piazza (Plaza); and in many clay and bronze tablets and stone writings from ancient Babylon; on numerous stone stellites of ancient Egypt, and; to be the signature of the ancient Sumerian and Babylon god, Marduk, the ruler over earth bound evildoers under authority of his father, Annu, whose signature is reputed to be the rainbow in the sky.

Eerie November 12, 2018 at 10:44 am

It also is part of the rebellion against slavery circa 7,000 Bc Of the Aryan Hibaru Tribes. Where Tawe’ the blacksmith lead a rebellion to help free indo-Europeans. At the time archaeologists have found a place built by triangles going forward and back like “The Star of David”. It was three circles with the outermost circle in the shape of a Jainism Swaztica. With Ramparts going up the walls at angles for easy access to bowmen and Women. “Hibaru do not discriminate men and women are equal parts yet understand woman has more worth.” (This seems to be where Adolf hitler got his idea for the double lighting bolt “As it appeared in the Indo European sand skirt and Samaritan Hebrew, Along with a Spherical Rock ore basher found in the Ancient Samaritans with The double lightening bolt. Id say Hitler was pretty irate when he found out we were enslaved and owned by many other peoples for our Blue and Green eyes. And John said in revelation that Jews worshipped Satan. Btw Jews aren’t hibaru they speak Arabic-Hebrew And Samaritan Women (Indo-European) and The original “Ethiopians” the Indians From India, They were using children in Turkey above Tarsus to mine copper and tin. Here they were mining copper and tin and had far advanced metallurgy. “Making real bronze copper+tin”, it seems maybe arsenic in the turkey mines of Golbeki tepe, “Gog” put a halt on sending children in there because of death and deformities like Gr. Leperosey Or surnamed “panther” as Paul was surnamed, not Hawaiian lepersy that is a skin eating bacteria but kinda is because these guys could not have been human to make kids go in there also possible links for an ancient Pygmy site around sir lanky where cro magnum man would have been giants to and Neanderthals would have been even bigger hailing from places of ManDrakes (mandragons) I.e. Hitties, Illuryian isles, phoecians and those who followed cultures to the islands in the med. sea. Sadly it seems magic and Religion are one and the same but are also used to send messages through time. However there are curses or “stumbling blocks” put in place so no one can actually unlock them without the keys and a unique mind under stress of certain circumstances could that mind evolve into fruition. And there is only One highlander

Shauna Bere November 25, 2016 at 2:39 pm


I think it is important to note that symbols have existed since the dawn of man and since that is a very long time, then we can accept that symbols which we may find connection to in modern times would be in use in ancient times, even if they may be used by a group of peoples in a different way than we interpret them. A highly influential and noticeable example would be the swastika. The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “good fortune” or “well-being.” The motif (a hooked cross) appears to have first been used in Neolithic Eurasia, perhaps representing the movement of the sun through the sky. To this day it is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism. A more modern and western use of the symbol has highly adapted the meaning and brought about a hatred of a sacred symbol because one murdering megalomaniacal man used it for his politics. Don’t be afraid of any symbols’ ancient roots and don’t be afraid of the ancient interpretations on them. We use lots of ancient symbols in modern times for our modern needs. If it is important to you to use ancient symbols in modern times, then by all means, do so. We live in a society where we have the freedom to do it. Now, be cautious of aligning symbology to certain belief structures without the express support or explanation of religious authorities in that faith. Additionally, be certain not to spend precious time on tangents when we have a wealth of knowledge to glean from existing doctrine. Peace be with you all.


Bartholame December 30, 2017 at 8:25 pm

Svastika comes in two forms as mirrors of the other; the Nazi negative Left hand swirl versus the Gnostic positive Right hand swirl of this Galaxy’s rotation.

Anonymous November 23, 2018 at 9:52 pm

Hi Shauna, I wish all answers to questions were as wisely and intelligently
written as yours. People need to understand how symbols are used and how
significant they are in representing people’s beliefs and ideologies!
And what ever your symbol and belief represents Shauna
Peace, Love and respect !

amy December 3, 2014 at 5:50 pm

I’m curious to know if there is anything relating to the eight rayed star appearing on a person’s body. not like a mole or birthmark, but like a stamp or tattoo, only from within the skin, not on the skin? or anything even simalar to this. I ask because it has happened. the mark was not permanent, However the star was one of 4 images. all on the left side of the body. thus my interest in the symbol. please inform me if possible.

homepage September 4, 2013 at 7:08 am

Nice answers in return of this matter with genuine arguments and describing all concerning

Tim Barker June 6, 2013 at 6:41 pm

This conversation turned really, really weird.

Sam LeFevre October 31, 2012 at 7:12 pm

This symbol is found in the glass doors of the main entrance of the Salt Lake Temple as well. The circular ornamentation includes a beehive.

I think most priesthood holders know the important symbols sufficiently well to navigate.

Terran David Samura July 13, 2012 at 1:05 am

May all your lifes be filled with happiness and joy, and may you find love and friendship were ever you go. God bless, i wish peace apon you. We are all being of the sacred fire, who all pray in the temple of our lord God, as in Heaven so shall be on Earth. It is now that we as a collective, live by the standard of truth. Melchizedek, is who and what i am. I did not aspire or even understand what and who i had become. To hear the truth and feel the fire, is who we are. The answer has always been. To a pure heart comes the gift. To hold the fire, till all are ready. We are ma ha cohons of the seventh ray, keepers of the violet flame, givers of love and light. It is who we are. To see the circles in the sky, the trinity in the air, to see the grouping of numbers and understand. Purity. And so it shall be done. Blessings

Starcrowe June 28, 2012 at 9:13 pm

Thank you for the respectful way in which you present the truer search. I share a special affinity with 8 other family members around this sacred number, and have witnessed it’s power of healing transformation through our own personal history.

Raised in Claremont, CA where the “Good Doctor” taught, I thank Bro. Hugh Nibley for his brave contributions to help bring clarity to the common grounds of faith.

Unfortunately far too great a percentage of “priesthood holders” are operating a vehicle without knowing the year, make, and model. I imagine it difficult to collectively navigate alongside Divine Will with our blinders on.
To continue practicing what our Oral Traditions encourage, we must not let the Ancient Symbols fade away. Nature can also be a symbol of a Temple in which an infinite number of eight pointed stars are found representing a myriad of spiritual interpretations. Releasing our optic nerves from “auto pilot” will engage them in recognizing these silent, hidden symbols as friends and teachers.

I send a loving prayer out to all Ordained or potential Bearer’s of the Sacred Fire of Melchizedek, that they may make manifest the Glory of God that is within them through, for what Keeper is unaware of his own hive?

From a Sufi Heart,


Samael March 30, 2012 at 11:08 am

There is no such thing is the occult teaching as Judaism, Christianism and Islam. Only cult priests and moneymakers have split the doctrine in 3 religions for the cause of making big money and enslaving the world.

The 8 pointed star symbolizes the flat 8, the sign of eternity, the gate to the cosmos and earth. The soul enters in material life trough that gate and this gate are the 2 fishes of Jesus and the Christ. This is a symbol that is related to female ovaries. The ovaries are that place where all of us become. The departure point is the male balls, the Alpha and the end of the way is the Pontifex maximus, the major bridge to exterior or outside, the vaginal tract, the Omega.

The A is the suspension of the 2 balls in the chief corner stone, the small arcanum, the ovaries and the fallopian tubes are the large bridge, the great arcanum. The pontius or small arcanum has to connect the great arcanum by the pillar, the erected Pilatus. Only after that act of crossing or crucifixion, the ovaries can become active and open the gate for the soul to incarnate in a material body. That is why the 8 is the symbol of eternity, the symbol of female uterus, the star of Ishtar, the head-stone.

It is no wonder that one cannot find much answers in the Bible, the Holly Books are written in Allegories, trivial cycles and coded in different codes. Those work only in Hebrew, Greek and Arabic. A translated book never gives you the correct words and symbols.

The world was made by God in Words, thus the positive logos of the Torah, in Numbers, thus the neutral mathematical coding of the New Testament and letter symbols, thus the negative rhetoric teaching of the Qu’ran. You can see in that writing that we are facing the triviality, the 3 major energy forces of matter, +, 0, -.
In the scriptures they are symbolized by 3 x Wav, VVV or WWW. Wav is number 6 in hebrew, thus 666. The Triskele shows that vvv in a triangular shape.

Only those who are initiated to that doctrine are able to “read” that books. No wonder why Kabbalah and Sufism is the first enemy of all religions. Truth hurts and the best excuse is still today blasphemy and heresy.

Joe August 20, 2016 at 10:21 am

Read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity.” It will enrich your thoughts.

Eerie November 12, 2018 at 3:46 pm

This is based upon the evolution/metamorphosis of the Prehistoric Love dart Snail, Two A/b sexual snails that create a large dart or spear. Each snail produces sperm and eggs in a pouch. After a mating ritual the snail shoots to pierce the other, opening the pouch to effectively fertilize the eggs. These snail still exist today but are being hunted to extinction much like the dodo bird and the prehistoric 3rd eye lizards of New Zealand. This find Along with the find of a revived speices of a prehistoric platypus that had evolved was the cause of the 1666 fire and the Great Chicago Fire when a society of zoologists (secret and public) was studying an evolution theory which is correct but incorrect at the same time. Like God we are the created and share as co-creators and creators in spiritual Awareness which many fail to obtain because of the new veil (blindfold) of Commercialism, War and rapid Technology growth. Technology growth and commercialism go hand in hand with funding wars,
it’s a horrible Cycle and men, women and kids are like bodies through the teeth of a combine. To your comment Samuel I ask what is Hersey and Blasphemy other than a “out” or an “excuse” for people who want to control people and use their beliefs against them in order to capture their will power in the practice of spreading the verdict of guilty when God Alone can Judge? The Duality that we live in should always allow for interpretation and scripture says that it is up for interpretion and change. So anyone waging wars in the name of a “God” that has a name is in fact worshipping a man. Like Allah Came around after a merging of Allat “depicted as the female version of Christ” and an Islamic sect merged to become Allah which is Allat and Abdullah together with “Ah” instead of “Ab” a practice that goes back to Proto-Eygptian Animal deities on the rivers and a custom of conquering people by using drugs to brainwash people and move them around to hide them and literally change people places and things. Until a point when the Army of the Brainwashed crazy legion is needed. In Eygpt ,Where your next neighbor might be a mile away on the river. In a time of struggles the first being the falcon and the second being Horus join together when the tribes/Clans Merge birthing Horus the Falcon Deity. Before that Muhhamand brought back Ancient Sumer Cuniform and Used the tales and history they stated as it was his own idea not giving reference to where he got It. and he based his ideas off Panie, claiming him as and Ancestor However The Aryan Tribes of the East had been there and done that already when we helped free India from The sang Dynasty of China using a woman to infiltrate the Place. Soon after a hit was put out on These people through religious texts and labeled this “woman” of India as a Harlot However Jesus already did that with the whole definition of the Rock-Peter-Cephas-Tyre (David’s visit to Tyre, their subtle rebellion of Religious rights under scrutiny of Goverenment, after which David left Tyre which was A merchant-tile
Island with a mainland city) Tirians Made a Statue of the king put it on a raft set it on fire and as a symbol of rebirth and Purification to a sun peoples understanding “for the king didn’t burn” and survived the flames. A way to say Yes Able went and Able was Able to choose for himself however this created a paradox along with the Two LEMECH Stories. One he killed a boy and wounded a man. Like killing David’s Son by a superstitious people who were ordered by David to protect Absalom (uru-shalom Jerusalem before it was Jerusalem in the time when the Hibaru showed up and was recruited by Uru Shalom the (City of Peace). All the Hibaru came in saying was Na Na. And related to the Maritime sea people of Mari or Tetragrammaton-Mary. Along with other indo Europeans peoples. They were not all mathmatical or Allegories, those two skim the surface of the orange and can produce A Penicillin if poked and left alone in the sun much like Canna can also produce a good type of Hallucinations but could be toxic mixed with Witch hazel or used incorrectly. And the Kaballeh And sephirot are depictions of the Yadrasill tree of the tribes of the north (Nordic peoples) who’s history goes back to around 7,500-5000 bc who had a trade route going through the then thick Evergreen forest line that kept the cold in. Eventually overgrew And was forgotten or no longer used. There were 3 dispersions of the Hebrews. First went east and west, in groups of two 3 east that settled the isle Briton to become the original Britons , the Rhine and upper Germany. Three that went west became Issachar, the Scythian, And Cimmereans (where the Saka-Teacher) Buddha Came From. Each of these tribes were described on tri-Lingual Stella’s foundthat determined 3 diferent names for each Tribe from each Language, like the Rosetta Stones found in Eygpt. They showed what Schoalars thought was three different Peoples from different time periods were all the same people. And history is not correct because you cannot put a spiritual thing into a Hourglass and try to define when it happened especially after finding tools embedded in 400,000 year old rock that look like smaller versions of modern day chisel hammer used for stone sculpting. People cannot find Anwsers in the Bible because they didn’t read it is all right there so I ask you the same Question The Sadducees and Pharisees asked the Jews (who are not Hebrew but have Arabic-Hebrew Desent Through linguistics) who do you want Yeshua The Son of God or Yeshua BarAbbas (The Son of the Father) which is by Jesus’s own Words the (same thing) and backed up by “Satan cannot be against Satan for a House divided amoung itself cannot stand. So the Pharisees and Sadducees really didn’t give the people a fair choice also shows the people were uneducated in Linguistics of the word. So they Choose Caesar to be Kingwhile freeing the leader of the rebellion against Rome and the Jerusalem See. They choose neither Hot Nor Cold but lukewarm and contradicted themselves. Furthermore the only Crucification victem ever Found was found in a cave tomb with a stone in front of it, on Simons Ancestor burial in old Jerusalem. Where it was the skeleton of a young boy, pierced once through that went through both ankles with no Piercing of the hands, That lead to a text that said they Tied them to a Board and put them atop an already standing Stick may perhaps a depiction of an Asurapole. to Create a Capital T not lowercase. And to repeat an earlier statement Above Read the Secret Gospel of Mark and The Apocalypse of James. Then you’ll find Hosanna and Isaiah. You’ll also find a False Prophet in the Time of Anna that did everything Jesus Did. Except it was Anna who was to have a Child that would change the world and she had three and named them all Mary. Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Mary Shalom (the dancer) sister to Simon who Father was Herod Aggrippa And That Mary seems to be Herods favorite, And seems to beleader of the Rebellion of the Bar Kochma (Son of the Star) revolt and asked for Yohanathan (Jonathan) To be Brought to her for failure to follow orders. And she also asked her father for johns heads. It the letter she says “My Orphaned son Yeshua son of Yeshua (The Star-comet) who died in a revolt. (Speaking of one of the Two Yeshuas that died on the wailing wall in a Jew vs Jew Battle when Zealots we let into the city and slaughtered many in the streets including Yeshua the Hi Priest, Who was tellingeveryone revolting against Rome was not the Way. The Zealots then locked themselves in the Temple until a storm in the Knight where they cut through the temple door bar and got out because a gate was found opened. The other Yeshua was a crazed individual who kept reapting prophecies Who was taken to the Roman in charge and he was deemed Crazy and released to get flogged in the streets by people. For seven years he did not say thank for food some left him nor did he replay to the harsh Words. He only Prophised the same thing for seven years then finally he got up on the wailing wall and said Three Woes To the Hi Priests woe to Jerusalem Woe And to myself woe. As he said his last Woe he was hit by a siege Engine Rock and was killed. Record by Josephus. Then the En-Gedi letters said by His Fathers will he was placed with guardians (Alpheaus of Eygpt “Joesph”) Who was the Writer’s (Babata’s-“Mary Shalom’s”) First Husband who divorced her due to Infidelity and Married Her sister Mary who inherited Jesus by Divine Conception and a miracle Virgin Birth through a will of Adoption. And Proved DaVinci and His Art teachers point in the Annunciation where his Teacher painted everything except The messenger angel and small parts of the background that Davinci seems to have painted without lead paint and possibly The Brain fluids found in human Brains (he was doing secret Autopsy’s within the Catholic Church) and Bioluminesent Fish found in the depths. (Interesting quick fact- they used the same fluids recently to clone bioluminescent Trees that glow, however sterile) so Davinci “David” painted the Angel and some of the background, however when put under X-ray the Angel disappears. Because there was no Virgin Birth the way the Romanticsized The story. Beyond Origens Adamatis his statement when he was to Scribe a version of History he noted the History he is reading is not the history he was taught. Along with a picture of him writing on a scroll as the ink flowed off the picture it turned to a snake tail connected to a Black Dragon insinuating The Catholic Church was the Dragon, and he cleverly left Breadcrumbs for birds to find like many others. For it seems they really had no choice.

yvonne bent January 1, 2012 at 1:45 pm

If you would like to see more of this symbol, you might want to go to The Day Star, by Val Brinkerhoff. There is great explanation not only on the 8 pointed star of by also the meaning of the number 8, which is highly symbolic in regards to continual ascension into the higher levels of the heavens.

frabato December 10, 2011 at 5:02 pm

The eight pointed star dates back to the ancient minoans 3 to 5 thousands years on crete

David September 4, 2011 at 10:27 pm

I am an active LDS member Bryan. It is an LDS symbol of the Melchizedic priesthood. It is all over the outside and inside of the San Diego Temple.

Chris Walker June 9, 2011 at 2:59 am

Ironically the first time I saw this symbol was on the steps of the recently built LDS temple in Newport Beach. I dont know why but it struck me for some reason, and I decided to do some digging around. I dont know how ‘official’ this symbol is as a symbol of the Melchizidek priesthood, I guess official enough the Church thought it would make a good decoration on a temple

Tim Barker June 6, 2011 at 12:43 pm

One “article of faith” by Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) is that the Bible is correct so far as it is translated correctly. I have no problem with the Bible containing some errors since I know of its divine origin. I also have no problem recognizing that man is fallible, and the evidence of some errors does not destroy my confidence in the Bible as a whole.
Mormons and Muslims have some interesting similarities – you’d probably be interested in the following:
“Mormons and Muslims” – with contributions from Mormons and Muslims – see here: http://contentdm.lib.byu.edu/cdm4/document.php?CISOROOT=/rsc&CISOPTR=6302&REC=10
Let me know if you’d like to chat about Mormonism and Islam.

Tim Barker June 6, 2011 at 12:37 pm

Spencer – I’d be interested in knowing your source for the assertion that Jewish legend records that Abraham received the stone from Melchizedek.
As far as the rest – it is interesting. I’m glad Nibley has contributed a lot of good info for us, and the JMMM blog is excellent. I’ll probably link to that blog from mine (www.lds-studies.blogspot.com).
You state that “this symbol of the seal of melchizedek looks like it is a symbol of this glowing stone.” I think that would be a difficult assertion to attest, but it is an interesting concept. Constantin Marinescu Marin wrote an article regarding the eight-pointed star, specifically mentioning this star in connection with Melchizedek in the ravenna mosaic (illustrated above), as part of his article “The Byzantine Concept of Divine Light as Reflected in Romanian Post-Byzantine Art and Architecture,” in Jahrbuch der österreichischen Byzantinistik (Yearbook of Austrian Byzantine Studies) 32/6 (1982):316. This article may interest you, but you’ll have to track down a library that actually carries this periodical – I obtained a copy from the University of Oklahoma. Anyways, good stuff – please let me know if you can find a source for Melchizedek having this stone and passing to Abraham.

jone May 31, 2011 at 8:09 pm

You will not recognize Islam, this is your own, and so taught us, but when I look in the Bible will find in it many mistakes and you will not find an answer when her priest when you ask, but will answer that this book is from the Lord but the Lord does not make mistakes. This is what I have done I did not find answers to many questions, but I finally learned the hard way that Islam is the right

Joe August 20, 2016 at 10:41 am

The bible was not meant to be a technical manual. It is a book written by many, in ancient times and, inspired by our Creator, who made the space, time, and matter – the fishbowl we live in during our mortal lives. There is deep, solid and consistent meaning in this book when you interpret correctly (which does not mean making it what you want it to mean) and really focus on the intended message (consider context). The more traditional Christian denominations can help you with thi best. Don’t forget that Jesus was/is real. And it’s very interesting that Islam considers him a prophet, but disavows much of his message, and his announcement that he was God in human form. As C.S. Lewis indicated, Jesus was either the real thing or a maniac. Seems like there are two choices here. Take your pick.

Spencer Bain April 25, 2011 at 8:33 pm

Hi Bryan and Tim – a question in am quite interested in is a rather random event – but still an interesting one – the Brother of Jared had a problem in the end of Ether Chapter 2 – and it seemed resolved quite easily and yet it is a reference to a random event that didnt seem to have an origin – till sitting in a sacrement meeting in California and a reference was made to Noah and his construction of the ark – as we know the ark was to be tight like a dish – yet in verse 16 of the 6th chapter of genesis we find a reference to a window – the foot note claims that the word was not meant window – it was tzohar – and after some looking it up – a glowing or shining stone of molten rock – and noah had one – it was called the gem of Noah – later on in Jewish lore abraham had this and he recieved it from MELCHIZEDEK with the priesthood – this symbol of the seal of melchizedek looks like it is a symbol of this glowing stone – we know that jared recieved 16 of them – and then later mosiah used a similar stone to translate the jaredite records – and we know Joseph Smith also had this “seer stone” it was said of Abraham that those who looked upon it would be healed of their infirmities – all this is neat stuff here are some links to coroborate. please let me know what you think.

Tim Barker January 16, 2011 at 8:02 pm

Brother Millet,
I am also LDS, and I am familiar with this connection to some extent. The connection is apparently based on Nibley’s Temple and Cosmos (pg 109?) where the eight-pointed star is illustrated in a mosaic and is labeled the “so-called Seal of Melchizedek.” Bryce Hammond discusses the usage of this symbol in the design of the San Diego temple on his blog at: http://www.templestudy.com/2008/09/08/the-seal-of-melchizedek-part-1/. Alonzo Gaskill (at BYU), recently published an article entitled The Seal of Melchizedek? which was published in the Religious Educator. I throw in my own two-cents on my blog at: http://lds-studies.blogspot.com/2010/08/seal-of-melchizedek.html. The symbol is also on the Newport Beach Temple grounds, and the Salt Lake City Temple – pics available online here: http://sealofmelchizedek.com/?page_id=72.
I doubt it will ever be part of our religious instruction, as symbols are generally instructive, but not the basis of our religion. I believe the reason it isn’t taught is because it is inconsequential. Gaskill believes the apparent connection is unwarranted.

Bryan Millet January 9, 2011 at 5:04 pm

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a.: The Mormons), and I am quite curious as to where you obtained the information that this is a symbol of the church: “An identical glyph serves as the emblem of the Melchizedek priesthood of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, who view it as a continuation of the priesthood of biblical patriarchs. The emblem is patterned after a similar glyph found in a medieval depiction of Melchizedek, but is of relatively recent usage in Mormonism.”

I have received the Melchizedek priesthood and I am an active member of the church, residing in Utah. I have never before seen this symbol, nor have I heard of it being part of our religious instruction. Will you please share your sources for this information?

Thank you very kindly!


Bryan Millet

Terran Samura March 7, 2018 at 4:41 am

The eight pointed star symbolizes balance. Symmetrical in shape no matter how you view it. As in life we strive to achieve harmony in the symbiotic relationship we share with all living things. Harmony is maintaining your vibration no matter the energy that is shown to you. To achieve this one must be in controll of their thoughts and emotions to rise above the negative energy and transcend darkness to light. The symbol to me represents perfection. Perfect in form, and has but one shape.
This is why it is the symbol for the Melchizedek Priesthood. The pristine faith of Abraham was how I understood faith. When one loses their hope and asks with true intention, to the pure of heart comes the gift of faith. And now understands truth. To believe in something with your entire being, is why Abraham
Did not question what was asked of him. Melchizedek is a priest of God. We stand for the truth and up hold the truth. That is our shared belief.

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