Four Elements (Four Platonic Elements, Alchemical Elements)

To the ancients, the four elements equated to the four qualities of the physical world. Likened to the modern concept of the four states of matter- Solid, liquid, gas, and plasma, but also to spiritual states.

The four elements in Alchemy are:

Air (Flatus) spacer Water (Aqua)
Earth (Terra) Fire (Ignus)

See also: The five Chinese elements

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July 26, 2011 at 1:21 am

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Samael March 30, 2012 at 10:37 am

that four elements are called in hebrew, Iamim, the procreating water, Nour, the purificating fire, Ruach, the cleansing air, Ibbeshah the 4 elements together as the Assiah, or Malkuth, the Earth. We call it Adonay Ha Aretz, the Lord.
The 4 elements in hebrew are symbolized as I.N.R.I. In the book of the law they are called YHWH.

In Alchemy, Copper is female as is Water, Fire is tin, as is male, Mercury is heat that comes from the the union of the both and Lead is intellect, symbolized by Saturn.

Now, make a joint venture between Copper, woman, Tin, Man, Mercury or sexual fire or Kundalini, and Lead, Saturn the intellect that makes millions of sperms die and just one come trough and you know by then why the philosophers stone can make Gold out of that 4 elements. That Gold is God’s Holly Kingdom, our golden baby. So, consider the philosophers stone to be an instrument, as well of God as of the devil. Both are one anyway like all things, also he has a positive and a negative side. One can’t exist without the other.

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