To the ancient Greeks, the Omphalos was a stone carved in the shape of a beehive, in this instance covered with a net-like pattern of chains, marking the birthplace of the Cosmos.

Omphalos in Greek means “navel,” and may represent the plugging of the primordial waters of chaos.

The most famous Omphalos was found at Delphi in Greece, representing the center of the cosmos.  Similar objects have been found in temples in Rome, Iraq, Egypt, and Jerusalem.


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Samael March 30, 2012 at 10:24 am

to make the cosmos become, you need two stones. All starts at the chief corner stone and ends at the headstone. Moses shows you those two stones as the tables of the law, and the unions in covenant of the two stones will create cosmos out of chaos.

The first is ashlag, a non reworked rough stone, the last is the Ka’ba, the final perfect cube of perfection the reworked and carved ashlag. In the Bible he says, “and on this stone I will build my church”. The cosmos is one little stone in the construction of the church. The headstone is the “philosophers stone”, he can transform copper, tin, lead and mercury together in Gold. This is alchemical symbolism, for sure, but know that the entrance of the headstone has 2 lips and a Rabbit-hole.

And each of us, the cosmic stones of the church, enter as a seed in that stone and come out as a perfect cube. And the lord said ” there shall be light”.
The chief corner stone just awaited that words …… And light became.

Josh F June 1, 2011 at 8:35 pm

“…a netlike pattern of chains…” are you sure those aren’t bees?

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