Gorgon (Phorycides, Aegis of Athena)

The Gorgon were legendary monsters of Greek myth, the three fearsome sisters Medusa, Euryale, and Sthenno, the daughters of sea monsters with fearsome teeth and hair of serpents.

The gorgon Medusa, whose gaze could turn the living to stone, was slain by the hero Perseus, who beheaded her using her reflection in Athena’s shield to avoid looking at her directly. Afterward, her head adorned the shield (Aegis) of the Goddess Athena. Some scholars believe that the Gorgon was once a facet of the goddess Athena herself, in her destructive solar aspect.

The Gorgon’s head is frequently seen in use as a protective device on ancient shields and talismans.

The Gorgon Medusa

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