Eckankar (“Eck”) Emblem

The emblem of Eckankar, a spiritual group founded in 1965 by former Scientologist and Yoga initiate John Paul Twitchell. The philosophy of “Eck” follows that of numerous Eastern traditions that a divine sound current (“Om”) emanates throughout creation, becoming increasingly denser and entangled within the material. Mimicking the divine sound helps one to attune to that current and purifies matter, bringing one closer to the divine source.

The symbol itself is simply “Ek,” short for eckankar, a corruption of the words “Ek Onkar,” God is one or one essence; ‘omkar’ means, literally, ‘om creator’ and can be likened to the First Cause.

Omkar written in Sanskrit letters is what we commonly refer to as the “Om symbol.”


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El ameen August 14, 2013 at 7:40 pm

The concept of god is a light moving like an arrow in a dark night and the force moving with it is like a magnetic force for which whosever it tourches then it attrack it.that is haw,the present setuation will be. Presently christ is present on earth and he is wearing a black cloth ie black skin that is why many canot identify him he is wearing black cloth in a dark night and he present coming is like a thief only those he thief will no him befor he manifest himself to the entire globe and that is where the world is heading to naw.what proov this physically is the increasing of the calamities in this world ABDULLAHI BIN ABDULLAH ISAH ZAHIRAN is back with the solution of the world

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