Vergina Sun (Macedonian sun, Argead Star)

verginaA distinct eight, twelve, or sixteen rayed figure, Called the sun of Vergina.  It is so named for a stunning example found on a larnax (coffin) in the tomb of Philip II of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great and a notable member of the Argead Dynasty.  The motif itself is ubiquitous in Greek and Macedonian art.  It is most likely a solar symbol, being found in temple art depicting the sun God Helios.

Other notable examples of the motif have been found at Eleusis and at the Temple of Nemesis.

Since the discovery of the Tomb in Vergina, the sun emblem has made its way onto a number of Greek and Macedonian coins, flags, and other objects as a symbol of cultural identity.

Vergina sun from Eleusis


On an ancient coin from Crete



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