Sma Amulet (Sema)

The Sma represented the union of the kingdoms of upper and lower Egypt, and occasionally stood in for the axis mundi, or earth-axis. It is described variously as the lungs and attached windpipe, or genitals in sexual union, and appears to have been depicted as both at times- the double meaning is certainly intentional. An emblem of rulership, the sma was placed on the chest of a mummy to give it breath (life) in the underworld.

The sma was also used as a charm for fidelity in love.

Sma Amulet


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Bernadette July 15, 2017 at 2:50 pm

Hello I have the Sma Egyption tattoo when I just turn 18 years old my grandmother told me to put this on, I never knew why but when I say it mean togetherness I never had 2 taughts about what does it really mean I just taught about moving it from my lower back and place it on my hand as ppl thinks it means something else on my lower back just had the time to look into this tattoo and was very very surprised of what kinda tattoo my grandmother told me to get. Before I got his tattoo I was in n out of relationship I couldn’t find my self happy enough and when I turn 18 my grandmother call me and told me to go get a tattoo and place this one on me when I did it I got into a bigger modelling and then I found the man of my life married and have our son together wow I never knew my tattoo was from the background of the Egyptions

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