Akhet means dawn, or horizon, in the Kemet (Egyptian) language. An amulet shaped like the akhet represented the daily rebirth of the sun. The lower shape represents the djew, or sacred mountain, later represented by the pylons of solar temples. The akhet was guarded by the Aker, a double headed lion who insured the safe passage of the sun-barque (boat).

The akhet, guarded by the Aker
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Randy October 17, 2016 at 1:50 am

Years back I made an akhet out of alabaster. It is a two piece object. I kept atop my television. It is a flat screen so the Akhet I made fit there precariously. Then as time went on the sun disk part of the Akhet would fall off onto the floor. I began to see these incidents as potentially a warning of something. Could the Akhet been a tool of divination in its earlier history?

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