Lady of the Beasts (Mistress of animals, Ormgudinna stone)

Lady of the BeastsThe Mistress of animals, as she is sometimes referred to, is a fourth century stone carving of an unknown Norse Goddess. She usually appears with serpents in each hand, possibly linking her to the ancient Babylonian Goddess Ishtar, or to the Cretan Bee Goddess. She is probably a creatrix, as she is posed in a birthing position.

The triskele above her head most likely symbolizes the Goddess as creatrix. It is made up of the three animals emblematic of the Celtic domains of existence: the boar, representing the earth; the snake, an emblem of water; the bird, representing the sky.


Related Symbols:
Cernunnos, Herne

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paul stein February 21, 2016 at 12:35 pm

In my analytic work with dreams I refer people often to your very important symbolic work to liberate male and female creation mythos from inculturated one-sided ignorance…thank you very much..!!

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