Einherjar (Heroic Dead)

In Norse Pagan (Asatru) mythology, the Einherjar are the heroic dead culled by the Valkyries from the battle field, and divided amongst Odin and the goddess Freyja. These warrior spirits live with the Aesir in Valhallah, where they practice for the final battle of Ragnarok, where they will fight alongside Odin and the Aesir. The Einherjar were often depicted in Norse funerary artifacts as armed helpers of the god Odin, and are holdovers from Neolithic times.
Einherjar accompanied to Valhallah by Valkyries.
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Rough Diamond November 27, 2013 at 12:52 pm

Looking for a pic of the viking symbol V. Left side representing Family and Life, Right side representing violence and conflict. I would like it to be tattooed on my calf. So am looking for the roughest most midevil look i can find

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