The irminsul is a common symbol of the Asatru faith. The historical Norse irminsul was a solar-phallic pillar used in religious worship practices by early Anglo-Saxons, and destroyed by Charlemagne in 772 AD.

Its exact meaning is unknown, although it may be connected with the Anglo-saxon deity Irmin, who is possibly related to the Norse God Tyr, a theory supported by the shape of the runeletter tyr. The Irminsul was likely related to the World Tree Yggdrasil, a symbol of the axis mundi (world axis), a symbol of man and the cosmos.


irminsul Rethel_IrminsulCharles throws down Irminsul, the Saxon pagan idol
Two depictions of Charlemagne tearing down the Irminsul

Modern Irminsuls usually consist of an upright pole or cross, representing the union of earth with the heavens, and are often surmounted or hung with a solar wheel or sun cross.

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