Lietuvos Kryzius (Lithuanian Cross)

Lithuanian folk crossThe Lietvos Kryzius (“Lithuanian Cross”) is a stylized folk art cross commonly found in Lithuania, used for funerals and as votive offerings. The cross marries Lithuanian pagan and Christian symbolism, and is derived from pre-Christian renditions of the cosmic tree. Most images include solar and lunar symbolism, such as sun’s rays and crescent moons, as well as tree branches, etc.

Baltic solar Cross
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Slav May 26, 2015 at 1:04 pm

Such forms of cross are widespread along every eastern european country – both baltic and slavic.

Dainius March 13, 2013 at 6:19 am

I found two linguistic mistakes here I think. “Lithuania” in lithuanian language is “Lietuva”, and (whose) “Lithuania’s” is “Lietuvos”, not “Lietvos”. There probably might be no mistake if there was ancient lithuanian language in mind, then there is possible “Lietvos”, but then I do not know, if such word exist at all, maybe in one of four dialects.
In the header there is written “Lietuvis kryzius”. Originally, this would mean two separate words: “lithuanian” (as a nationality having person, a noun, not adjective and in nominative) and “cross”. If there is wanted to say “lithuanian cross” having in mind lithuanian as adjective, it should be written “lietuviškas kryžius”, if you have in mind ethnologic place and country in genitive it should be said “Lietuvos kryžius”. I would be glad, if this would be helpfull for You.

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