Symbols of Islam, Sufism, & Baha’i

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Symbols of Islam and Sufi Islam:

Crescent and star Islamic Crescent Allah Sufi winged heart Sufi winged heart
Star & Crescent Islam Hand of Fatima Allah Sufi Sufi heart
Bismillah Rub el Hizb Nun  Kaaba


Baha’i Symbols:

Baha'i ringstone Baha'i star
Ringstone Enneagram Greatest Name

Miscellanious Symbols:

Druze star Druze Star

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Anonymous November 4, 2012 at 4:02 am

To Lois Peedin:

Hmm… I’m not exactly certain what you mean by a rising sun over a swastika, but the symbol of militaristic Japan during World War II was I believe called the rising sun. If the rising sun looks like a Japanese flag from WWII, and if that is combined with a swastika, it might be Nazi in origin. Based on who gave you the pendant, I would doubt such an affiliation as well, but it’s still possible.

Alternatively, there is perhaps a small possibility of connection to the Raelian UFO religion. They use a symbol called the “Swirling Galaxy” symbol, which looks like a Star of David intertwined with a swastika (considering that the swastika is also an ancient Hindu symbol of prosperity, that juxtaposition is probably not meant to offend.)

Again, I’m no expert, but it could also be that whoever made the pendant was trying to unite symbolically Eastern and Western spirituality. The Star of David would represent Jerusalem, a very major religious center for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; the Swastika/Rising Sun combination would represent India, from which sprang Buddhism and Hinduism, and also represent the imperial heaven worship that has long been associated with Chinese and Japanese Shinto mythologies.

Hope this helps some. Good luck!

Lois Peedin July 21, 2012 at 3:10 pm

someone gave me a pendant that is like the Star of David . In the center looks like a rising sun over a swastiska. People tell me its evil from Germany. I reall like the piece but would like to give answers to these people. I don’t beleive the person that gave it to me is any way Nazi, his his parents were surviours.Please e-mail me any advice you have regarding this as I am torn about wearing it. Thanks in advance LP

mike July 30, 2011 at 8:55 am

not a lot of info!!!

edmund montgomery June 1, 2011 at 4:51 pm

Dear Sir or Miss:
I have a coin that is made out of bronze. It appears to be very old. It was hand forged and not stamped. The coin itself is an inch and three eighths in diameter and not perfectly round. It has seventeen round embossments perfectly positioned around the coin, about a quarter inch in from the outside edge. In the center it has a larger embossment with what appears to look like four legs on either side and gives it the appearence of a spider.
Do you have any information as to what this coin may represent?
Thank You.
Eddie montgomery