Celtic symbol for…

Some caveats here.  Meanings are derived from Celtic mythology and folklore.

Spiral: life,  eternity, rebirth, walk of life

Tree: life, family/ancestors, shelter, sustenance, endurance, strength

Shield knot: Protection

Dragon/serpent: healing, wealth, authority

Salmon: wisdom, prophecy

Raven: death, afterlife, communication

Triskele/triskelion: rebirth, pregnancy

Bull: fertility, wealth

Deer: motherhood, lost love, transformation

Stag: Transformation, protection

Swan: love, hope

Dogs or hounds: friendship, loyalty, companionship, honor

Horses: parenthood, prophecy, clan or tribe

Boar: courage, cleverness, fearlessness, overcoming obstacles

Claddagh: friendship, loyalty, love

Bride’s cross: fertility, good fortune, new life, female strength or authority

Shamrock: luck, fortune, a charm against evil, the trinity, earth, sea, and sly

mermaid: vanity, femininity, dual nature

Celtic cross: Celtic heritage, time, the four corners of the earth

Cauldron or cup: fertility, wisdom, abundance, prophecy, happiness, artistic inspiration

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