Celtic symbol for…

Some caveats here.  Meanings are derived from Celtic mythology and folklore.

Spiral: life,  eternity, rebirth, walk of life

Tree: life, family/ancestors, shelter, sustenance, endurance, strength

Shield knot: Protection

Dragon/serpent: healing, wealth, authority

Salmon: wisdom, prophecy

Raven: death, afterlife, communication

Triskele/triskelion: rebirth, pregnancy

Bull: fertility, wealth

Deer: motherhood, lost love, transformation

Stag: Transformation, protection

Swan: love, hope

Dogs or hounds: friendship, loyalty, companionship, honor

Horses: parenthood, prophecy, clan or tribe

Boar: courage, cleverness, fearlessness, overcoming obstacles

Claddagh: friendship, loyalty, love

Bride’s cross: fertility, good fortune, new life, female strength or authority

Shamrock: luck, fortune, a charm against evil, the trinity, earth, sea, and sly

mermaid: vanity, femininity, dual nature

Celtic cross: Celtic heritage, time, the four corners of the earth

Cauldron or cup: fertility, wisdom, abundance, prophecy, happiness, artistic inspiration

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Ti October 25, 2017 at 10:29 pm

I’m looking for something that represents a good person who’s existence has been hell and hurt but this persons heart and soul are soft and unbreakable at the same time. Someone who when all others would have been broken, they fight and survive regardless. One who will hurt so others don’t have to.

joey nelson February 9, 2017 at 12:47 pm

I have found hundreds of semi precious stones etched with markings(3 pronged crown,and wolf track which I believe belonged to King William the second) also in the mix of things I have discovered that slot of the things are turning out to be Viking.(several are carved in the image of a wolf head ,spear poor wolf head with Viking symbols)even shekels trace back to minted in Jerusalem 50-76 bc.
IN ALABAMA. interested. Email me I would really love some input from anyone that has anything that might help.