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This gigantic earthwork best known as the “Uffington Horse,” is located on a hillside in Oxfordshire, England, and dates to the Bronze age. Measuring almost four hundred feet long, the figure was created by filling dug trenches with powdered chalk.

The horse is one of many chalk figures scatted across the English countryside. It has been speculated that the horse is possibly a remnant of worship of the Celtic Goddess Epona, or the sun God Belenus. Others note the extended tail and contend that the “horse” is actually a dragon.  The figure may be a remnant part of a giant zodiac comprised of chalk figures, the majority of which are now missing.

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The ubiquitous Welsh Dragon at left is the national symbol of Wales. This particular image appears on the flag of Wales and is derived from an ancient standard of the Tudor family, which is in turn derived from the ‘Draco’ standard of the Roman Legion.

Although attempts have been made to link the dragon with Arthurian tales of Merlin and his prophetic vision of battling dragons- red for Wales and white for England- the emblem has been in use in Wales for at least twelve hundred years.

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