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Made famous by books such as “The DaVinci Code” and “Holy Blood, Holy Grail,” the Priory of Sion is supposedly a secret fraternal order that protects the descendents of Jesus and Mary Magdalen .

The original Priory of Sion (Prieure du Notre Dame du Sion, Priory of Our Lady of Sion) was a monastic order, purportedly founded in the eleventh century by crusader king Godefroi de Bouillion. In the twelfth century, an event occurred that split the order in two. The new order was christened the “Knights of the Temple,” commonly known as the Templars. The sixteenth century Rosicrucians also reportedly went by that title, but they were a mystical order who had little interest in politics or matters of “royal blood,” at least not outwardly.

History has been silent on the fate of the Priory, until the end of the nineteenth century, when mysterious documents surfaced, claiming a continuous line of Grand Masters directly from Jaques DeMolay, the executed Grand Master of the Templar Order. This document was produced by the French Neo-gnostic Bernard-Raymond Fabré-Palaprat, who proclaimed himself the newest Grand Master, and set about ‘reviving’ the Templars along Yohannite (That is, after John the Baptist, rather than Jesus.) lines. Fabré-Palaprat also ‘discovered’ a gnostic-tinged version of the Gospel according to John, which contained no reports of miracles and presents Jesus as an initiate of the mysteries of Egypt.*

The next “surprise” list of Grand Masters surfaced in French archives, and also lists a succession from DeMolay onward, as the “Order of the Rose-Cross/Priory of Sion.” This list is much more fantastic, listing a number of famed artists, including Leonardo Da Vinci amongst other luminaries of art, music, and literature – and culminates in the name of would be royal Pierre Plantard, who is believed to have authored the list himself for purposes of self-aggrandizement.

When accused, Plantard confessed to having snuck forged documents relating to this ‘organization’ into France’s Bibliothèque Nationale.** The aim of these creations appeared to be to establish Plantard as a lost son of royalty, and was just one of Plantard’s many weird projects.

*This may not be too fantastic- a recently discovered addition to the Gospel of Mark implies the same, as does the recently discovered Dead-Sea era Essene “angel scroll.”

**This claim may be bogus, as the list appears in earlier sources, and seems to predate Plantard’s involvement- all Plantard seems to have done is add himself to the list.

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This emblem, best known as the “grail cross,” is not a genuine religious or historical symbol, but I receive so many questions relating to the symbol that it is included here. This emblem appears in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” as the emblem of “Brotherhood of the Cruciform* Sword,” the fictional secret society who serve as Guardians of the Holy Grail in the movie.

The design is a Latin cross with an overlaid “chalice” shape.


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